Visit Jeju Global

JULY 2022
            Jeju city’s tourism organization invited me to visit the island, and to use my trip as inspiration to create postcard designs. The designs were to be silkscreen printed, so I needed to use a limited color palette.

I divided the illustrations into one that focused on the sea and another that focused on the mountains. In both, I incorporated Jeju’s characteristic elements. In the seascape: windmills that can be seen from the beachfront, large volcanic rocks, people lounging and snorkeling. In the mountain scene: Buddhist temples, forest, stacked rocks and dol hareubang (fertility statues).

The illustrations were created into limited silkscreen-printed postcards that were given by lottery to subscribers to Visit Jeju Global’s social media channels. A video was also released documenting the creation of the illustrations to promote tourism to Jeju.