On Inhabitance for Taproot Magazine

        The essay investigates the meaning of community and the relationship between community and the environment. As the author describes the community as:

[...] the soil as environment, the body as environment, the atmosphere as environment, the home as environment, the community, the city, the whole giant world. Bubbles within bubbles, stuck to other bubbles, ad infinitum. [...]  It can be rather disturbing to recognize this connectedness and the relative chaos of environments living beings are asked to inhabit, and the environments they are creating, all at once.

I wanted the resulting illustration to capture that sense of environments within and around other environments, and communities bouncing off of one another. The final illustration details these different ‘bubbles,’ the largest one emphasizing the land, and within that a small community garden, within that people gathered around a meal, within that a single home, and within that the individual.